Canlis Contest Craze


Canlis with View

Most of Seattle’s residents have at least heard of (if not participated in) the contest that is being held by one of the finest restaurants in Seattle, Canlis.  Inspired by the family favorite, Willy Wonka, Canlis brothers Brian and Mark have decided to initiate a city wide search for residents to participate in.  What exactly are people on this massive scavenger hunt looking for?  Menus.  That’s right, participants are looking for 50 menus from the year 1950 that have been signed by the Canlis brothers.  The concept behind the hunt is to engage the community and promote the restaurant, all while celebrating its 60th anniversary.  Every day, the brothers’ use a variety of social media networks to provide the community with clues as to where menus are hidden.  If you are the lucky finder, you get a vintage menu and enjoy vintage prices!!  Finding the menu provides you and a guest a meal at the restaurant at extremely low costs, those that are indeed listed on the 1950’s menus.  Menu items include salads for $2.00 and an incredible $4.25 for a filet mignon.  The contest has many Seattleites in a crazed chase hoping for a chance to dine at the restaurant for a fraction of today’s prices.  Although the contest has been going on for a couple weeks now (they’re now on clue #37), the brothers revealed that the previous contest culmination (the 11th), isn’t the end for everyone.  Here’s where phase two comes into play.  Phase two invites all 50 finders to an even larger scavenger hunt (“Amazing Race style”) happening on December 31st, wherein participants will look for a golden card, similar to a Golden Ticket.  The carrier of the Golden Card will get free dining at Canlis for life.  That’s right, life.  What’s the catch?  If you find the card, you must give the card to someone else.  This recipient will reap the benefits.  Again, this is concurrent with the Willy Wonka overarching theme of “selflessness”, says Brian Canlis.  The contest, which has been praised as one of the most creative uses of facebook and twitter, has spawned a flurry of media coverage and restaurant recognition.   Responses to the creative contest have been varied, but the prize is undoubtedly absolutely fantastic.  Good luck to everyone following the contest.  If you find one, order two of everything.

Pnk Ultra Lounge-The Place To Be and Be Seen!

Seattle’s newest lounge, Pnk has been the talk of the town since it first opened its door last month.  Countless individuals,mostly young and in their mid 20’s-30’s, go there from all over to get a piece of the new modern playground made for Seattleites and people alike. The lush Vegas atmosphere and hip ambiance creates a very trendy and certainly cool environment you sure won’t want to leave. This multi-million dollar project was created with “women” in mind.  The owners, Rob and Tammie Armijo, created the perfect environment for young, urban, and professional women with 3 bars, 40 flat screens, 2 VIP areas, outdoor seating, and even a bar in the women’s bathroom equipped with its own male bartender! Whether you’re male or female you’re sure to find a place at Pnk. Now open on the 4th floor of Pacific Place. For more information about Pnk please visit their website at

Hi Spot – Bacon and Cheese Biscuit

Hi Spot Cafe

Hi Spot Cafe

Biscuits and bacon and cheese, oh my.  Hi Spot located near the corner of 34th and Union in Madrona is famous for their breakfast, but equally as good is their bakery and the scones, cinnamonrolls, and biscuits.  My favorite is the Savory Biscuit.  The Savory Biscuit at the Hi Spot is a biscuit with bacon and cheese baked inside with a little cheese melted on the top.  At the Hi Spot it is usually served at room temperature, but when I take it to go I heat it up whenever possible.  Either way a Savory Biscuit and a latte from Hi Spot and I am on Cloud Nine.

I lied: Sometimes I do watch the Food Network

I was flipping the channels and stopped when I saw the title “The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Crazy Good.”  The show has celebrity chefs talking about their favorite meals at various restaurants.  Every thing from past with shaved truffles on top, a pizza from a corner pizzeria in New York, pot roast from a restaurant name Jar in L.A., and roast duck in New Orleans.  I am going to stop watching the show: 1) it is making me hungry and 2) the Huskies basketball game is on ESPN2.

Seatown Reuben

Last night, I went to a fun event at Seatown, Tom Douglas’s new restaurant across from the Pike Place Market and Victor Steinbrueck Park.  At the event they were serving some appetizers.  I tried a wing and then later I tried a finger sandwich which was the sage rubbed turkey.  But then it came, I could swear a moon beam came through the window and shined on this sandwich.  There it sat on the counter, cut up in about 6 slices: the Reuben.  Admittedly, I am a fan of Rubens, so I made my way over to it across the crowded room talking to people on the way.  I started getting nervous though because as I made my way over there the 6 finger sandwiches quickly was down to 3 but after a few hellos I made it over with 2 left.  Like I said I am a fan of the Reuben, so I expected to like it….but man was that sandwich good.  I feel sorry for anyone who wanted the last finger sandwich, because I ate that one too.   (Don’t worry more came out).   Technically, I do not think the sandwich was a Reuben rather a pastrami sandwich, but to me I will just call it a darn fantastic sandwich.  The only problem is when I looked online at the menu today, I realized it was a happy hour sandwich, which you would think is good, but in this case it is not because they change those sandwiches daily.   All I would say, if you find yourself in the Pike Place Market, poke your head into Seatown and ask if the Reuben or pastrami sandwich is being served, and if the answer is yes, tell them you will take two.

Is Canlis Expensive?

CanlisThe other day I was out and someone brought up Canlis Restaurant, which I believe is the best restaurant in Seattle.  There are many restaurants that I enjoy, but to me, when it comes to ambiance, food, and service, there is none better.  The discussion about Canlis that night had varied opinions, but no one could sway mine.  Then the inevitable argument against Canlis came up: “But it is so expensive.” I realize the economy is struggling, so my argument is much weaker than before.  Nevertheless I argued, as I have for years, that Canlis is not expensive, at least in comparison to other top Seattle restaurants.  So this time, I decided to back up my assertion with a simple search.

I personally love to order the New York or Filet Mignon at Canlis, thus I thought I would see how their steaks compare to other restaurants where I have enjoyed a great steak.  The competition was chosen from memory with relative ease: Daniel’s, The Met, and El Gaucho.  I know I am leaving out some great steak houses, but these were the first that came to mind.  When I checked each of their websites, I found the following:

Restaurant New York Filet Mignon
Canlis $48 $48
Daniel’s $44 $45
The Met $48 $49
El Gaucho $59 * $45

* 14 oz steak

Some of the restaurants stated the size of the cut, others did not.  I cannot remember what sides come with a steak in one restaurant versus another.  And like I said, I only compared the price of two different steaks and nothing else on the menu.  But to me, this proves my point that Canlis is not expensive when contrasting it to what I think are comparable restaurants……but really does any restaurant compare to Canlis?