Bacon Explosion

Ok, this is not about a Seattle restaurant, but I just can’t help myself.  I have to talk about the Bacon Explosion.  Growing up there are two foods that have always been close to my heart: bacon and cheese.  (Heart please forgive me – I can feel my arteries harden as I utter these words).  You put bacon or cheese on anything and the chances are my mouth will water as if Pavlov has just rang his bell.  My obsession with bacon and cheese, I thought while not completely unique, were well kind of unique.  Maybe I was a misguided youth, maybe I was too busy eating cheese and bacon to think about it, but obviously, I was completely wrong.  Now a days there is Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, Bacon Vodka, and every kind of bacon burger you could think of at every fast restaurant from Seattle to Timbukto.

My love of bacon is no secret so a while back my brother in law sent me the recipe to Bacon Explosion.  I am sure many of you have come across this recipe through email or through legend.  But even with my love of bacon and cheese and my pure delight that such a recipe existed, I look at the link and then deleted the email thinking in the back of my head some day I will Google it and make it, but I was in no big hurry.  The day had yet to come……but then, I went to my friend’s house to watch football and something was cooking on the porch.  I was not really hungry, so I paid little attention until this arrived at the table:

Bacon Explosion

Bacon Explosion

Oh, the excitement.  Bacon crumbles, rolled in Italian sausage meat, wrapped in more bacon.  Next to it was barbecue sauce, but surely so much flavor did not need any such thing.  (The bell in my head had been rung; I was salivating).  The Bacon Explosion was sliced (cut like a yule log) and I tried a slice.  Now my expectations were through the roof, so we must realize that before I say my next words: I was a little disappointed.  It was good but it was not great, but that did not stop me from my second slice.   This time, I drizzled some barbecue sauce on it, and that was much better.  I definitely recommend the barbecue sauce.  And I did not stop there, I had a least two more slices (more came out – one with jalapenos diced in the middle) and of course I ate some bacon crumbles that were left on the cutting board.

It was a good meal, and I would recommend everyone to try it, and I hope a Seattle restaurant starts serving it (if they have not already).

One of these days I will make it, and when I do, I will add plenty of CHEESE!  How could that not be heaven on earth?

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