Businesses No Longer Collecting Safeco Field Tax

Next week, the 0.5 percent tax on food and beverages in restaurants and bars in Seattle collected to pay for Safeco Field construction will no longer be collected.  King County has advised businesses to stop collecting effective Monday, October 3rd. This 0.5 percent tax has been collected since 1996.

Don’t Miss The Mobile Food Rodeo This Weekend

 Calling all foodies: Bring your friends, family and most importantly, appetites to the Mobile Food Rodeo happening this Saturday, September 17th on W. Armory Way in Interbay.  The Mobile Food Rodeo is Seattle’s Premier Mobile Food Truck Festival featuring the best meals on wheels Seattleites can get their hands on.  Buy a general admission ticket ($7.00 for a single) and get 1 tasting ticket ($3.00 value) to use at any of the 26 trucks at the event.  If you choose to buy tickets at the gate, pay $10.00 for a single ticket which does not include a tasting ticket.  The festival is featuring eats from Molly Moon, Maximus Minimus, Parfait, Skillet and El Camion, just to name a few.  Once you’re nice and full, watch The Disco Cowboys perform at 5:00 pm.    Before you leave, make sure to cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award in the Annual Wagon Awards event.  Wagon Awards are given to the trucks with the best dishes, chosen by panel of judges.  Don’t miss this unique and fun event!   We’ll see you at the Mobile Food Rodeo, Seattle!

For ticket information and purchasing, please click here.

See the full list of participating food trucks here

For more information on the Mobile Food Rodeo, please visit the official website.

Seattle Bars Could Have Extended Hours

The City Council approved a resolution this week that could mean extended bar hours.  The resolution asks the Liquor Control Board to let cities set closing times, which would prevent the “pushout” of bar patrons all at once at 2 am.  The initiative is backed by Mike McGinn, who firmly believes this could increase public safety.  For more information, please visit the Seattle Times article.

Canlis Nominated for Award

Canlis restaurant in Queen Anne Seattle is up for two awards in the James Beard Foundation Awards, in the “Outstanding Restaurant” and “Outstanding Wine Service” categories.  The James Beard Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “celebrate, nurture and preserve America’s diverse culinary heritage and future”.   Every year, nominees can make their own entries for any number of categories.  Canlis has been nominated once before, but did not win. Those who have had the pleasure of dining at Canlis I’m sure would agree with the nomination.  Canlis isn’t the only entity that has been nominated for a James Beard Award.  That’s right, local chef and entrepreneur Tom Douglas is nominated this year (and last!) in the “Outstanding Restaurateur Award” who owns a variety of Seattle restaurants including Dahlia Bakery and Lounge, Etta’s, Lola, Palace Kitchen, and the oh-so-good Serious Pie.  A number of other Seattle chefs have been nominated in the “Best Chef: Northwest” category, and a Kirkland chef,Holly Smith, is nominated for “Outstanding Chef” and her restaurant Café Juanita for “Outstanding Restaurant”.  It’s so exciting knowing that Seattle truly is a great food capitol, bringing diverse and excellent dining options and opening new places so frequently.  Congratulations to all the nominees and good luck.    See a full list of nominees and past winners here.

$46 Million Awarded for Shooting at Denny’s – Victim to Recieve $13 Million from Restaurant

$46 million was awarded to the victims of a shooting at Denny’s in Kent, WA, with the majority going to one of the victims, Steve Toelnoa, who was left paralyzed.  Unfortunately for the Mr. Toelnoa (above and beyond the tragedy of being left paralyzed), he will only get $13 million.  Before the jury came back with the verdict, Mr. Toelnoa agreed to a settlement where he would receive a minimum of $5 million and a maximum of $13 million (depending on what the jury awarded) and Denny’s agreed not to appeal (which is a not a minor concession).

According to one article, the award was mainly based on Denny’s not taking appropriate action after the police were called 30 times to this particular restaurant between 2005 and 2008 for crimes such as assault, rape, drug, harassment and car prowls.  Other articles seemed to indicate more police involvement.  For example, this article in the Seattle Times from May 2009, put the number much higher:

Since Jan. 1, 2007, police have logged 338 calls and 65 investigations involving Denny’s, compared with 155 calls and eight investigations involving Shari’s, several blocks off the freeway.

That earlier article also had a quote from the Kent police that the local police had been working with Denny’s to reduce after hour issues.  This statement at least partially contradicts the victims claim that Denny had not taken appropriate actions.  The jury obviously agreed more with the victim’s assertion.

In this case, Frank Lee Evans, 23, had been in the restaurant arguing with another table.  Evans then left and came back and started shooting in the crowded restaurant.  Evans later told police he was drunk and angry after losing his job and getting in a fight outside a nearby bar.  Evans was sentenced to 63 years in prison.

Canlis Contest Craze


Canlis with View

Most of Seattle’s residents have at least heard of (if not participated in) the contest that is being held by one of the finest restaurants in Seattle, Canlis.  Inspired by the family favorite, Willy Wonka, Canlis brothers Brian and Mark have decided to initiate a city wide search for residents to participate in.  What exactly are people on this massive scavenger hunt looking for?  Menus.  That’s right, participants are looking for 50 menus from the year 1950 that have been signed by the Canlis brothers.  The concept behind the hunt is to engage the community and promote the restaurant, all while celebrating its 60th anniversary.  Every day, the brothers’ use a variety of social media networks to provide the community with clues as to where menus are hidden.  If you are the lucky finder, you get a vintage menu and enjoy vintage prices!!  Finding the menu provides you and a guest a meal at the restaurant at extremely low costs, those that are indeed listed on the 1950’s menus.  Menu items include salads for $2.00 and an incredible $4.25 for a filet mignon.  The contest has many Seattleites in a crazed chase hoping for a chance to dine at the restaurant for a fraction of today’s prices.  Although the contest has been going on for a couple weeks now (they’re now on clue #37), the brothers revealed that the previous contest culmination (the 11th), isn’t the end for everyone.  Here’s where phase two comes into play.  Phase two invites all 50 finders to an even larger scavenger hunt (“Amazing Race style”) happening on December 31st, wherein participants will look for a golden card, similar to a Golden Ticket.  The carrier of the Golden Card will get free dining at Canlis for life.  That’s right, life.  What’s the catch?  If you find the card, you must give the card to someone else.  This recipient will reap the benefits.  Again, this is concurrent with the Willy Wonka overarching theme of “selflessness”, says Brian Canlis.  The contest, which has been praised as one of the most creative uses of facebook and twitter, has spawned a flurry of media coverage and restaurant recognition.   Responses to the creative contest have been varied, but the prize is undoubtedly absolutely fantastic.  Good luck to everyone following the contest.  If you find one, order two of everything.

I lied: Sometimes I do watch the Food Network

I was flipping the channels and stopped when I saw the title “The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Crazy Good.”  The show has celebrity chefs talking about their favorite meals at various restaurants.  Every thing from past with shaved truffles on top, a pizza from a corner pizzeria in New York, pot roast from a restaurant name Jar in L.A., and roast duck in New Orleans.  I am going to stop watching the show: 1) it is making me hungry and 2) the Huskies basketball game is on ESPN2.