Seattle’s Cactus has Guacamole at a Cost

Cactus Madison ParkDon’t get me wrong, I love going to the Seattle’s Cactus restaurants.  But I will say I have one pet peeve: the first question out of the waiter’s mouth is always “Would you like guacamole with your chips?”

The obvious answer is “Yes, who does not like guacamole with chips?”  But then other questions start coming to my mind: “Is it really worth $6?”  “What is the profit margin on guacamole if Cactus pushes harder than drug dealer pushes his drugs?”  “How can Subway add guacamole for free to anything in the restaurant, but Cactus needs $6 for it?”

But inevitably someone at the table always says, “Yes, I would love to have some guacamole.”  A different set of questions flood my mind: “Is this their first rodeo?”  “Have they been to Cactus before?”  “Do they know it costs $6?”  “Am I that cheap to be the only one that cares?”

Generally, I just bite my lip and order a margarita and try to forget about it.  Obviously, not well if I am writing about it now.