Canlis Nominated for Award

Canlis restaurant in Queen Anne Seattle is up for two awards in the James Beard Foundation Awards, in the “Outstanding Restaurant” and “Outstanding Wine Service” categories.  The James Beard Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “celebrate, nurture and preserve America’s diverse culinary heritage and future”.   Every year, nominees can make their own entries for any number of categories.  Canlis has been nominated once before, but did not win. Those who have had the pleasure of dining at Canlis I’m sure would agree with the nomination.  Canlis isn’t the only entity that has been nominated for a James Beard Award.  That’s right, local chef and entrepreneur Tom Douglas is nominated this year (and last!) in the “Outstanding Restaurateur Award” who owns a variety of Seattle restaurants including Dahlia Bakery and Lounge, Etta’s, Lola, Palace Kitchen, and the oh-so-good Serious Pie.  A number of other Seattle chefs have been nominated in the “Best Chef: Northwest” category, and a Kirkland chef,Holly Smith, is nominated for “Outstanding Chef” and her restaurant Café Juanita for “Outstanding Restaurant”.  It’s so exciting knowing that Seattle truly is a great food capitol, bringing diverse and excellent dining options and opening new places so frequently.  Congratulations to all the nominees and good luck.    See a full list of nominees and past winners here.

Is Canlis Expensive?

CanlisThe other day I was out and someone brought up Canlis Restaurant, which I believe is the best restaurant in Seattle.  There are many restaurants that I enjoy, but to me, when it comes to ambiance, food, and service, there is none better.  The discussion about Canlis that night had varied opinions, but no one could sway mine.  Then the inevitable argument against Canlis came up: “But it is so expensive.” I realize the economy is struggling, so my argument is much weaker than before.  Nevertheless I argued, as I have for years, that Canlis is not expensive, at least in comparison to other top Seattle restaurants.  So this time, I decided to back up my assertion with a simple search.

I personally love to order the New York or Filet Mignon at Canlis, thus I thought I would see how their steaks compare to other restaurants where I have enjoyed a great steak.  The competition was chosen from memory with relative ease: Daniel’s, The Met, and El Gaucho.  I know I am leaving out some great steak houses, but these were the first that came to mind.  When I checked each of their websites, I found the following:

Restaurant New York Filet Mignon
Canlis $48 $48
Daniel’s $44 $45
The Met $48 $49
El Gaucho $59 * $45

* 14 oz steak

Some of the restaurants stated the size of the cut, others did not.  I cannot remember what sides come with a steak in one restaurant versus another.  And like I said, I only compared the price of two different steaks and nothing else on the menu.  But to me, this proves my point that Canlis is not expensive when contrasting it to what I think are comparable restaurants……but really does any restaurant compare to Canlis?