Canlis Chef Wins Best in Northwest

Food & Wine magazine voted Chef Jason Franey of Canlis as BEST New Chef in the Northwest.  Canlis is a famed Seattle restaurant in the Queen Anne neighborhood, and the owners brothers Mark and Brian recieved a lot of media attention for their recent campaigning.  The brothers used social media outlets to campaign for Franey, taking pictures donning signs that said “Vote for Jason”.  The coolest shots were those of the brothers atop the Space Needle, a feat that was daring, creative, frightening, and probably seriously cold-and it was all worth it.  The campaign got the vote.   Franey is the executive chef at Canlis and the position is well deserved.  Congratulations to Canlis in all of their recent success.  Follow the link below to see a video of the Canlis brothers in action.

Canlis brothers campaign for Jason Franey

Esquire Magazine Names Seattle Restaurants in Top 10



Esquire ranks Seattle the 10th best restaurant city in America.  In the introduction it says if you want seafood go to Seattle’s restaurants and in the details it credits the Pike Place Market (and local vineyards) for giving our restaurants access to the ingredients to make great meals.  The article specifically mentions Queen Anne‘s Canlis; Downtown Seattle‘s Dahlia Lounge and Etta’s Seafood; Ballard‘s Ray’s Boathouse; Kirkland‘s Cafe Juanita; Pioneer Square’s Salumi; and Capitol Hill‘s Anchovies and Olives.

Some are classic Seattle restaurants, some are newer, but all had a part to helping Seattle to be ranked in the top 10 for best restaurant cities.

Canlis Contest Craze


Canlis with View

Most of Seattle’s residents have at least heard of (if not participated in) the contest that is being held by one of the finest restaurants in Seattle, Canlis.  Inspired by the family favorite, Willy Wonka, Canlis brothers Brian and Mark have decided to initiate a city wide search for residents to participate in.  What exactly are people on this massive scavenger hunt looking for?  Menus.  That’s right, participants are looking for 50 menus from the year 1950 that have been signed by the Canlis brothers.  The concept behind the hunt is to engage the community and promote the restaurant, all while celebrating its 60th anniversary.  Every day, the brothers’ use a variety of social media networks to provide the community with clues as to where menus are hidden.  If you are the lucky finder, you get a vintage menu and enjoy vintage prices!!  Finding the menu provides you and a guest a meal at the restaurant at extremely low costs, those that are indeed listed on the 1950’s menus.  Menu items include salads for $2.00 and an incredible $4.25 for a filet mignon.  The contest has many Seattleites in a crazed chase hoping for a chance to dine at the restaurant for a fraction of today’s prices.  Although the contest has been going on for a couple weeks now (they’re now on clue #37), the brothers revealed that the previous contest culmination (the 11th), isn’t the end for everyone.  Here’s where phase two comes into play.  Phase two invites all 50 finders to an even larger scavenger hunt (“Amazing Race style”) happening on December 31st, wherein participants will look for a golden card, similar to a Golden Ticket.  The carrier of the Golden Card will get free dining at Canlis for life.  That’s right, life.  What’s the catch?  If you find the card, you must give the card to someone else.  This recipient will reap the benefits.  Again, this is concurrent with the Willy Wonka overarching theme of “selflessness”, says Brian Canlis.  The contest, which has been praised as one of the most creative uses of facebook and twitter, has spawned a flurry of media coverage and restaurant recognition.   Responses to the creative contest have been varied, but the prize is undoubtedly absolutely fantastic.  Good luck to everyone following the contest.  If you find one, order two of everything.