It’s not us! It’s the cheese!

Milk CanOne of the most memorable T.V. commercials growing up was the Glad Lock Bag commercial where the onions are upset because they feel they are being blamed for making the refrigerator smell, when all of the sudden the butter says: “It’s the cheese!”

Unfortunately, “It’s the cheese” again.  According to the Seattle Times, one of our state’s most sought after cheese, Sally Jackson, has be recalled due to E. coli.  Sally Jackson cheese is coveted not only be local Seattle restaurants but by gourmet chefs nationwide.  Her cheese has been served in most of Seattle’s most exclusive restaurants.  And her cheese is credited for putting Washington State on the map for artisan-cheese.  Sally Jackson started her cheese in the 1970’s and is still a small operation.  She and one part time helper milk 40 sheep, 12 goats, and a cow.

Hopefully, this issue is resolved soon and she can continue to sell her cheese safely to both Seattle restaurants as well as other restaurants and retailers across the county.