Madison Park’s Attic Ale House & Eatery

The Attic has been a staple in Madison Park for over 50 years.  As their website says: ‘Your grandparents drank here, why not you?”  If The Attic was anything back then like it is now, they probably went to UW and drank beer / wine.  While The Attic probably has college students that hang out there, the Seattle restaurant / bar definitely has UW alum hang out there and if a Husky game is being played somewhere it will definitely by on several of their numerous televisions.  They also have 20+ beers on tap and several wines and while they have hard liquor you probably wouldn’t know it since it is hidden in the corner and rarely ordered.    Thus, it is probably the most appropriate to refer to the Seattle restaurant’s full name “The Attic Alehouse and Eatery” but that only explains the beer.   What about the eatery?

The Attic Seattle

Wings after I had a couple - I couldn't wait

Now, The Attic has a lot of good food.  Some swear by the taco salad, some love the breakfast, I am a huge fan of their wings.  Now, I have had wings at several restaurants around Seattle, but I think The Attic’s are the best.  I can’t really pinpoint why they are the best.  There is nothing too fancy about them.  They come with buffalo sauce, side of blue cheese, and a couple sticks of carrots and/or celery.   Maybe it is the smattering of sesame seeds or chives they put on top.  I am not sure how they cook wings in most restaurants, but in this Seattle haunt, they deep fry the wings.  Maybe that is the difference.  Either way, if you make your way to Madison Park then maybe make a stop and get some wings……and if you are looking for a late snack the wings taste especially good after 10 pm since the wings are $6 at Happy Hour which starts again at that time.

Madison Park’s Bing’s Bar & Grill


Bing's Bar & Grill

Bing’s Bar & Grill, located in the Madison Park neighborhood of Seattle is a great place to eat if you’re looking for classic American dining. Bing’s opens Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 am, as they serve breakfast only these days. The Seattle reaurant’s menu has a wide variety of choices from waffle cakes to steak and eggs. Monday-Friday, Bing’s is open from 11:00 am-9:30 pm. Every day they offer delicious lunch and dinner items and are known for their expertly grilled burgers that can be topped with bacon, bleu cheese, mushrooms and even eggs, just to name a few. Salads, barbecue dishes and sandwiches are also popular choices. Bing’s Bar & Grill, open since 1999, is a moderately priced Seattle restaurant and has a large variety of foods the whole family will enjoy. If you’re in Seattle, take a trip down to Madison Park and have a taste for yourself!  Please visit their website for more details and complete menus with prices.