Mioposto Caffe & Pizzeria

MiopostoAnyone who has visited the Mount Baker neighborhood in Seattle and driven passed the south end of Mt Baker Park has noticed the classic brick building that houses several businesses.  There in the southwest corner of the building sits Mioposto Caffe and Pizzeria with views of the park as well as the green space between Mount Baker Boulevard.   Mioposto comes from the same owners as Coastal Kitchen on 15th Avenue on Capitol Hill.  Mioposto is a great, family friendly pizza restaurant that is perfect for the neighborhood and Seattle alike.  Great all year round, the pizza place is especially fun in the summer when the big windows are open to let the breeze come off the park while the wood-burning oven cooks the thin crust pizza.  Order a pizza and a salad and enjoy it with wine or beer.  And if it is too early for pizza and a drink, then go in the morning for organic espresso and either pastries or frittatas/quiches.

A fun restaurant and a great excuse to drive to Seattle’s Mount Baker neighborhood if you have never been there.