Seattle Restaurants Proving Food Labels Wrong?

Taco Time

Any Time is Taco Time

Taco Time not only has brought us crisp bean burritos, Mexi-Fries, and the best crushed ice this side of the Mississippi – they now have brought doubt to nutrition labels.  No matter what the study says, I personally like having access to nutrition labels, but the study looked at Taco Time over 13 months in and outside King County to test the effect of nutrition labels.  The reason the study was done in restaurants in the Seattle area was because King County recently passed a new nutrition label law while restaurants outside the county did not.  Surprisingly, the study found that the nutrition labels had no effect.  Maybe because Taco Time already indicates what the healthy items are (even though it does not give the details), maybe it is because the clientele are not looking for healthy food from a fast food restaurant.  Whatever the reason, I do not think it is going to change our local laws, nor do I think it will slow the federal government from passing similar laws.

Seattle restaurants have nutrition labels, it makes us more informed, but it does not change our actions.

PS – The study was done by researchers from Duke National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School and the Seattle area public health department.  It was not commissioned by some group like Fast Food Group of America (I made that name up) – so that makes me think the results of the study were unbiased.