Philly Cheese Steaks, New York Delis, and Seattle Teriyaki

Seattle Space Needle

Teriyaki is as Seattle as the Space Needle?

There is a funny article on Seattle Teriyaki by Dan Restoine on  The article explains that a former Seattle chef has opened a restaurant in New York that is serving “Seattle Style” teriyaki.  What is Seattle style teriyaki?    According to the article:

It’s got a strong dash of Korean influence and is heartier, stronger, sweeter, and spicier than the usual. And unlike the classic Japanese teriyaki sauce, which is mostly used to glaze meats, Seattle style is more independent and while varying hugely from place to place- what it shares is it’s more assertive taste.

Seattle: Space Needle, Pike Place Market (including salmon being thrown before any nationalized sports event in Seattle), Microsoft, Grunge, Starbucks’ coffee….and just maybe, if it catches on Seattle style teriyaki.